Our Mission

To provide guests a gathering space to celebrate life's most important moments and be immersed into authentic experiences through a modern luxury setting with a touch of southern charm in an exclusive environment.

Named in tribute to the vibrant red waters of the nearby Satilla River, Red River Estate is nestled amidst acres of meticulously maintained fields and woodlands, where cattle graze peacefully. It serves as a versatile destination, offering a multifaceted wedding venue, gathering space, and vacation rental that promises an unforgettable southern escape within our meticulously designed modern spaces.

The idea for Red River Estate took root when owner Mark Velie identified a need in Southern Georgia for an event venue that could host life’s special moments in a flexible, open-air environment, allowing all guests to seamlessly connect with the celebrations, whether indoors or outdoors. The centerpiece of the property is The Glasshouse Pavilion, the heart of wedding receptions, social gatherings, and corporate events.

Beyond the Georgia coastline, there is a noticeable shortage of spacious and high-quality accommodations suitable for large groups and families. With multiple rooms capable of accommodating up to twenty-two guests, Red River Residence offers all the comforts of a “home away from home” experience, blending rural charm with a luxurious contemporary setting.

Whether our guests seek a tranquil weekend by the pool, an adventurous kayaking expedition along the nearby river, or simply a place to reconnect with nature and loved ones, Red River Estate provides an ideal canvas for crafting lasting memories.

Marcie Grimsley

Event Venue Director

Meet the Team

Mark Veile